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Ordway Grove

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Norway is the home of a 10-acre forest locationed on the eastern shore of Lake Pennesseewassee. The forest is a short walk from downtown Norway. The plot of land is the home of some of the oldest white pines in the state of Maine.

The pines and hemlocks are typical of old growth trees. One of the eastern white pines, at a height of 138 feet, was estimated to be 315 years old in 2020. It had a circumference of 11 feet and a diameter of 40.5 inches across.

The softwoods or Ordway Grove date back to the colonial times. The land has been preserved since the late 1700s.

There is a short walk among the trees. The .6 mile long loop trail through the grove. There is no fee to visit. The entrance is sometimes hard to spot so ask for directions from one of the locals if you can't find it. The trailhead is on the west side of Pleasant Street. The entrance is between two houses an marked by a small wooden sign.

The land was owned by Samuel Ames from 1789 to 1852. He was one of the first settlers to Norway, Maine. The woods were known as Ame's woods and were kept in the family unitl 1854. They were then sold to John A. Ordway - and the name changed to Ordway Grove.

The land is officially deeded to the Twin Town Nature Club of Norway, Maine to maintain as a park and nature preserve.


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Map of Ordway Grove. A PDF file on the Town of Norway website.

Ordway Grove, Norway Historical Society. This is a very detailed history of the origin and history of Ordway Grove.

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